I am Nicola Filice, a Toronto-based, Canadian fashion designer and creator of the fashion line FILICE nicfil.

In 2017, my first collection was featured in Mass Exodus, Ryerson University’s annual fashion show. Before I even knew what high school I wanted to attend, I had goals to pursue fashion design at Ryerson University’s School of Fashion. There I attended the School of Journalism, where I completed my first year of the program. Journalism helped me discover that fashion was my true passion and my ultimate goal for my career. Fortunately, the next year I was accepted into The School of Fashion, where I learned how to channel my crazy ideas. In my final year, I created the collection, Body, by FILICE.

Nicola Filice, Designer

My collection, Body was inspired by the rose. The shape of the flower was used as a tool to mimic the shapes we see in different body types. The collection exaggerates silhouettes different from traditional eveningwear. Body is centered around the delicate beauty of elegance and challenges the normality of single-pieced evening-wear gowns.

After my first collection, I dabbled in Custom Design in search of a niche I could fit into. It is where I discovered the restraints and limits of Custom Design. This is where I resonated that designers are creators. They tell the audience what to admire. My ambition is to be a designer who continues to create elaborate designs that are aesthetically pleasing. In the future, I hope to see my brand accentuating all body types while artistically redefining shape.


About The Designer

Nicola Filice is an emerging Toronto based designer who specializes in womenswear. Filice’s designs are best identified by their exaggeratedly shaped silhouettes. The couture label, FILICE nicfil, collections consist of non-traditional eveningwear pieces that are worn in both contemporary and formal forms.

Focusing on women’s bodies, Filice creates and designs unique garments to accentuate the body’s shape as it draws attention to artistically defined silhouettes, while using as little as one colour in a collection. Filice is dedicated to quality garments and continues to create expression and voice through clothing.