Nicola Filice is an emerging Toronto based designer who specializes in womenswear. Filice’s designs are best identified by their exaggeratedly shaped silhouettes. The couture label, FILICE nicfil, collections consist of non-traditional eveningwear pieces that are worn in both contemporary and formal forms.

Focusing on women’s bodies, Filice creates and designs unique garments to accentuate the body’s shape as it draws attention to artistically defined silhouettes, while using as little as one colour in a collection. Filice is dedicated to quality garments and continues to create expression and voice through clothing.


FILICE Nicfil’s first collection, Body, was featured in Mass Exodus, Ryerson University’s annual fashion show.


FILICE Nicfil’s second collection, Bold, was featured in Vancouver Fashion Week.


FILICE Nicfil designs for local boutiques and custom design new looks. Designer, Nicola, is working on her next collection.

“reminded me of my own taste in “power wear””

Francine Fournier
Wonderful power suits. The bold, structured and exaggerated silhouettes, reminded me of my own taste in “power wear”

"this line didn’t disappoint"

Athleisure Mag
We have always been a fan of menswear created with a feminine focus and this line didn’t disappoint as it hit the runways of Vancouver Fashion Week FW2019 for the 3rd day of shows

"layering, fun, and futuristic styles"

Catriona Hughes
The recent F/W 2019 shows saw the emergence of eye-catching patterns, mixed-used textiles, layering, fun, and futuristic styles.